Legal remedies in case of dispute

Any means of redress available in case of a dispute with competent authorities, with clients or between businesses


Generally, if administrative authorities issue a decision unfavourable for the economic operator, such a decision can be appealed against to a higher instance authority. When all administrative appeal measures have been exhausted, an economic operator who is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal procedure may file a complaint against such a decisions or order with a competent provincial administrative court.  

Disputes with clients or other economic operators are not subject to review by state administration authorities and are handled as described in detail in civil law provisions.


Conditions for carrying out specific activities

What licences / permits / notifications are required to exercise different types of activities

Procedures for obtaining licences / authorisations / notifications

For each type of licence / permit / notification, the relevant procedures

Contact details

For each type of licence/permit/notification, the contact details of the relevant authorities