Conditions for carrying out specific activities

What licences / permits / notifications are required to exercise different types of activities


The rules for the organisation of individual gambling activities in Poland are set out in the Gambling Law Act of 19 November 2009.

In Poland, the state has monopoly over number lottery games, lotteries with cash prizes, telebingo and electronic gaming machines outside of casinos.

Other games and betting may be organised by private entities after they have met relevant statutory requirements.

A concession from the Minister for Finance is necessary to operate a casino in Poland. A casino may organise roulette-like games, card games, dice games and games on electronic machines. There is a limit on the number of casinos that can operate in Poland.

A permit issued by the Minister for Finance is necessary to operate a bingo parlour with cash prizes and to organise betting, both offline and online.

Procedures for obtaining licences / authorisations / notifications

For each type of licence / permit / notification, the relevant procedures

Contact details

For each type of licence/permit/notification, the contact details of the relevant authorities

Legal remedies in case of dispute

Any means of redress available in case of a dispute with competent authorities, with clients or between businesses