Website Accessibility Statement

We are aware that accessibility is a process we work on every day

The Ministry of Finance (the Ministry) ensures the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies (Digital Accessibility Act). The Accessibility Statement applies to the website:

Date of website publication: 2019-01-01

Date of last major update: 2020-12-14

The website is partially compliant with the Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies due to the following non-compliances or exclusions:

  1. links on the site open in the same window, however, due to some system limitations, it may happen that they open in a new window without informing the user about it,
  2. due to the site’s system limitations:
    1. the lang marker is not used by the editors;
    2. it is not possible to change the line, paragraph, word and letter spacing independently;
  3. due to the thematic similarity of the text blocks, there may be situations where the uniqueness of the page titles is not preserved;
  4. some of the services made available via the site, despite the efforts of programmers, may not have properly defined labels and described form fields;
  5. it may happen that despite the efforts of the site’s editors, some documents published on the site are not available due to the fact that they:
    1. come from different sources;
    2. have a structure that cannot be interfered with, e.g. files are made available to programmers and describe the pattern of documents;
    3. were published on the basis of rules adopted by another institution;
    4. were published before the Digital Accessibility Act entered into force.
  6. some of the videos posted on the site may not have subtitles or other required elements;
  7. it may happen that despite the efforts of the site’s editors:
    1. the destination of the link is not properly defined;
    2. attachments do not contain information on file size and format;
    3. some graphics do not contain alternative texts or text versions.

The non-compliances listed in points 6-7 of the Statement result from the fact that the site elements in question were made available before the Digital Accessibility Act entered into force. However, the Ministry of Finance makes every effort to ensure that they are, as far as possible, corrected and digitally accessible to the widest possible audience.

The date of the Statement: 2020-12-14

The Statement is made on the basis of a self-assessment by a public body. The website was also subject to an accessibility survey as part of the Widzialni Foundation’s 2019 Accessibility Report.

Standard keyboard shortcuts can be used on the website.

Feedback and contact details.

In case of any problems with website accessibility for persons with disabilities, please contact: Radosław Sobczak e-mail:

Requests for access to non-accessible information and requests for ensuring accessibility can also be submitted in this way.

Everyone has the right to demand that the digital accessibility of a website or a mobile application or any of their elements be ensured. Information may also be requested through alternative means of access, e.g. by reading a digitally non-accessible document, describing the content of a video without audio description, etc.

The request should contain:

  1. the identity of the person making the request,
  2. the identification of the website or mobile application concerned, and
  3. a method of contact.

A person requesting information through alternative means of access should also specify how that information is to be presented in a way convenient for them.

The Ministry will comply with the request immediately and no later than 7 days after it was submitted. If this time limit cannot be met, the person making the request will be immediately informed of when their request will be complied with, which cannot be longer than 2 months from the date of the request.

If digital accessibility cannot be ensured, the Ministry will propose an alternative way of accessing the information. If the Ministry refuses to comply with a request for ensuring accessibility or an alternative means of access to information, the person making the request may file a complaint concerning the digital accessibility of a website or a mobile application or any of its elements.

Once all means have been exhausted, a complaint may also be filed with the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Architectural accessibility

Detailed information on architectural accessibility of the Ministry of Finance’s building can be found in the Information for the disabled/Information for persons with physical disabilities’ tab.

Furthermore, in connection with the Act on sign language and other measures supporting communication (Journal of Laws of 2011, No 209, item 1243), the Ministry has expanded the scope of services which enable deaf or hard of hearing persons to contact the office. More information can be found on the Ministry’s website Information for the disabled / Information for deaf and hard of hearing persons.